The Spotted Lanternfly Invasion

Spotted lanternfly on tree
Photo courtesy of Penn State Extension

The spotted lanternfly is an invasive insect that has spread throughout southeastern Pennsylvania in recent years, arriving in Delaware County in 2017.  It poses a serious threat to Pennsylvania agriculture, including the grape, tree fruit, hardwood, and nursery industries, ​and can become a significant problem pest to homeowners and residents.

Stopping the spread is a community effort, and we need your help!

The public can do a great deal to stop the spread of this invasive insect.

The extension service is asking homeowners to report sightings of spotted lanternfly to help with management and control.  There is extensive information about spotted lanternfly on the Penn Slate Extension website.  Information includes:

  • How to identify and report Spotted lanternfly
  • Signs, symptoms and potential damage
  • Management techniques for both homeowners and businesses
  • How to comply with the state Spotted Lanternfly quarantine

Informational Sessions

Penn State extension is also offering free Spotted Lanternfly Information Sessions to help inform the public about this threat. To find a session near you, visit the extension website here. Click on “Where and When” to find a session close to you.

Don’t see a meeting coming up in your community? Call your local Penn State Extension office to request a meeting.

Spotted lanternfly on apple
Spotted lanternfly on apple in Berks County, PA in October 2017. Photo: Erica Smyers, Penn State